Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Love. My Way

Life is a roller coaster ride,
with many rises and falls.
it's definitely fate to decide,
is it or is it not fair at all?....

Togetherness people like us have sought
We were never able to obtain it.
Was it meant to be to myself I thought
But even if it was, could we maintain it?

Love is a poison ever so vicious,
it eats my heart out day after day.
even though this feeling's malicious.
It's also one that I wish could it stay.

Everything we've done together,
shall I remember forever and ever.
separate I hope for us it's never,
for to my heart will it sever.

You are my inspiration of my heart
ever since then, it was the start
fate also played its part
in an organized line like in a shopping mart? ( random =D)

Met Fate

Fate I met. Staring me in the face.
Her beauty way above others that I've seen.
Chasing her for me is a great race.
But it felt like god seemed to intervene...

Always barriers in my way.
Form of words that people utter.
Lies all. It's the devil's truth I'd say.
but from that, you and I both suffer...

The decision is yours to make.
where to take this situation.
If you thought what I said was fake.
Then this long while was it desperation?

I'm afraid it's now separation.
but the further we go the more our hearts burn.
Love feels so much like suffocation.
Love is something I wish to yearn (for)

the pains I get are nothing but small wounds.
If it's the price to pay then so be it.
Loves are like caterpillars in cocoons.
I'd be happy to die for fate, I'll protect it (you)

Friday, January 21, 2011


A game of poker.....
our luck tested with every move we make,
until the game ends with a winner........

The player shows no emotion,
like they're praying religiously.......
praying towards the dealer.......
the god and decider of their luck

A war with cards on the table........
cards being weapons and,
each hand being more deadly than the other.......

One leaves when they're out of money,
just like when one dies when the have no more life in them........

Life is like a game of poker......

Sunday, December 26, 2010


The blog that you were about to see has been deleted and replaced by this one.
I delete the old one because it was wasted so........


and the URL is still the same and now I'll post here more often :).