Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Love. My Way

Life is a roller coaster ride,
with many rises and falls.
it's definitely fate to decide,
is it or is it not fair at all?....

Togetherness people like us have sought
We were never able to obtain it.
Was it meant to be to myself I thought
But even if it was, could we maintain it?

Love is a poison ever so vicious,
it eats my heart out day after day.
even though this feeling's malicious.
It's also one that I wish could it stay.

Everything we've done together,
shall I remember forever and ever.
separate I hope for us it's never,
for to my heart will it sever.

You are my inspiration of my heart
ever since then, it was the start
fate also played its part
in an organized line like in a shopping mart? ( random =D)